Nalekwi, Poland’s beloved herb and fruit liqueur, once the ambit of women brewers only, has been made famous by a man operating from his family’s garden. For Roads & Kingdoms, August 2016. 

The garden is resplendent in the glow of autumn. Thirty minutes outside Warsaw Central, Karol Majewski, widely regarded the country’s top small-batch nalewka (nalekwi) manufacturer is showing me around the production plant. And this is it – the compact, tidy suburban garden, with clusters of berries ripening on branches, bright yellow blooms and fat glass jars of percolating nalewki soaking up the sun’s warmth. The entire process of brewing Poland’s famed fruit and herbal liqueur, the artisanal sort that Majewski has become famous for, happens right here. His hefty walrus moustache lifts as his eyes crinkle in a smile at my surprise that the few meters we’ve walked cover the extent of the famous Nalewki Staropolskie empire. The staff consists of Majewski, his wife and their two daughters.

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Nalekwi sits in the sun in fat glass bottles in the garden

Polish fruit liquer

garden nalekwi


 Karol Majewski, one of Polands best brewers

Karol Majewski inspects bottles




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