Peppered Mackerel Kedgeree with Spiced Hummus


This post forms part of the series of recipes I am preparing for Mediterranean Delicacies. It is a Food and the Fabulous Endorsed project and I will be remunerated for it.

I was given the challenge of preparing dishes with combinations chosen by Mediterranean Delicacies. In this case their Peppered Mackerel with their hummus that I spiced using cayenne pepper. I flaked the fish in a rice dish known as kedgeree and used the spiced hummus to season it, like one would with a sauce or sambal. A spicy, satisfying meal that showcases the lovely smoked peppered mackerel fillet.

Kedgeree has always been a versatile dish to use up left overs. In the Cape it is served with a fish (often smoked) like haddock, flaked and boiled eggs. The rice is spiced with a masala and fried with onions.

We called this dish kitchiri when I was growing up and it was served with rice, boiled eggs and vegetables that we had at hand. I prepared an easy snoek kedgeree previously, seasoned with cumin. You can read about that here.

If you’ve been following my travels, I am now in Istanbul and have been for the last three days. It is not only the place to enjoy doner kebap and baklava, but a bounty of fish, both fresh and pickled. I have not had the grilled mackerel sandwich yet, but can’t wait!



Serves 2 as a light meal or starter

1 x Mediterranean Delicacies Peppered Mackerel, skinned and flaked.

3 T finely chopped onion

1 T olive oil

1 T butter

1 t medium masala or curry powder

1/3 t turmeric

1 1/2 cup cooked basmati rice

1 small salad onion, snipped

1 T finely chopped Italian flat leaf parsley

2 large free range eggs, boiled – medium softness

salt, to taste

1/4 t  cayenne pepper

1 tub Mediterranean Delicacies Hummus


On medium heat, add oil and butter to a medium sized frying pan and fry the onions.

When onions are soft and translucent, add masala and turmeric and stir. Cook for 30-40 seconds, turning heat down.

Add rice and mix well. Add flaked fish, spring onions and salt- mix.

Serve with wedges of boiled eggs and a scattering of parsley.

Add paprika to hummus and mix. Add extra virgin olive oil if you wish and serve with kedgeree.

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