Assisting Hunger Relief on the Ground – #MAKEITHAPPEN

Children Obs Junior School - Edible garden

Children Obs Junior School – Edible garden

As a food and travel writer, I’ve had the opportunity to eat some of the world’s most delicious food in markets and Michelin-starred restaurants too. The awful secret (shhhhhh!) is that I pay for most it myself. I must say, it’s been worth it for the memories alone. Nothing tastes as good as a meal you can afford (even after scrimping) to pay for yourself.

I’m more aware than ever before though, of how horribly disparate the world I move about in is. Compare these fine dining and endless market feasts to the everyday reality. Far too many people are without food and without adequate nutrition. When you roll the figures, grating-grinding, in your mind: 1 billion people hungry, how can you not feel overwhelmed, too insignificant to change a damn thing, powerless?

Many Hands build the Empire

But I don’t think we should allow our doubts and our little-ness to get in the way of actually doing something – many hands have built the walls of the greatest empires. (wait! that was mostly under duress, but you get the point)

As you may know, a few years ago I collaborated with the World Food Programme as one of their bloggers to raise awareness for the WeFeedBack campaign. You can read more here. I’ve since worked alongside Woolworths MySchoolSA on their edible garden at Observatory Junior School (post up soon) with the Food Bank SA to raise awareness for the work they do. But, I know I can do much more. I’ve wanted to be more involved and to give off both my time and capacity to assist.

I want to Make it Happen

In the name of making it happen, I have decided that 2015 will be the year of asking more questions and discovering first hand, and I’m willing to get my hands dirty to get real answers. I have decided to get on the ground and work with a relief organisation for a week to learn about the work they do, and to better understand the challenges, so that I may – in my writing, and future projects be able to offer assistance that makes more of a tangible difference.

The logistics here are numerous, but I sincerely hope to make this happen.

Lumia is enabling and encouraging South Africans to actually stick to their goals this year by committing to anything small (or somewhat challenging like in my case) that gets you one step closer towards actually addressing and realising your resolutions. That’s why I’ve decided to take the first step and commit.

If you want to commit to the goals you’ve been putting off for a long while, you can make it happen with Lumia right now. Lumia will also be giving away a Lumia 535 every week, so if you’re lucky, you could win by submitting your resolution!

Check out the Lumia #MakeItHappen video to find out how to make your pledge.

Thanks so much for reading and good luck!

children are the future of our food security

children are the future of our food security


Lumia approached me to participate in this project with a promise to fund a part of it, and a fee for my time for this post. As you will know by now, I retain  full editorial control.

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