Here’s a video slide show I made the other day about some of the (inexpensive) meals I’ve eaten over the last two months travelling around Europe.

The aim: To expose what meals are really worth in terms of the children they can feed if you share those meals.

How? Join Wefeedback, an affilate of the W.F.P that feeds children in schools in the most poverty stricken areas – it costs U.S 25 ¢ to feed one child a mug of nutritious food.

Just click to join my network (would love to you have you on board!) or here to read more about the organisation.

Also,  small changes make a huge difference, as I’ve shared before.

  • Reduce waste by recycling and composting veggie and fruit peels
  • Share meals with friends or the homeless/someone who you know will appreciate it if you’ve prepared more than your family needs.
  • Resist the temptation to buy fresh produce in bulk, even if “cheaper” – more often than not, unless you pickle, freeze or share, it’s going to go to waste. A pity!
  • Think of interesting ways to inject new life into leftovers – curry, stew, freeze, add to pasta sauces. Leftovers are the new black, ya know.

Thanks for reading!



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