On 28 November 2010, a group of Cape Town food bloggers gathered together at our house to bake red velvet cupcakes, under the expert guidance of Hila Jonker (@LadyRaven), in aid of a charity called Nosh4Noah with the aim of raising money for therapy for Noah, a four year old who is on the Autism spectrum.

Kamini Pather (@Ms_Kamini) covered the morning’s event on her delightful blog and you can read all about it here.

It was a fun morning, full of good cheer. This is our story, in pictures:
Start the day with something sweet

Macaroons from Daniella’s Deliciously Decadent

Good students concentrate

The fun begins

Waiter, there’s a batter in my bowl!

Yes, Ma’am, I know exactly what I’m doing!

Bicarb/ Vinegar alchemy

Folding and Pouring

Out of the Oven

Mamma’s little angels!
Concocting potions

A bit of coaxing

The Ice-Off

Ninja Skills

Best in Show

Winner takes all

Everyone say Cupcake!!

or was that ‘chop’!

With kind thanks to all those who sponsored our bakathon, including
Odeds Kitchen (vanilla pods)
Fairview (cream cheese)
NoMu (cocoa powder)
Food 24 (aprons)
Daniela’s Decadently Delicious (macaroons)

Many thanks again to @LadyRaven: Add to taste and to participants (catch em all on twitter, where else!):
And guest and pal:
We raised R2000 and you can also read about our efforts here on the Nosh4Noah website

Love to hear your thoughts!

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