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Haute-Savoie Food & Fun Guide. The slopes of the Haut-Savoie in Eastern France invites families of skiers and snowboarding daredevils. Ishay Govender-Ypma opts for slower hikes on snowshoes and Savoyard specialities by crackling fireplaces. Written for Travel Update Magazine.

It’s in Megève, in the Rhone Alps that I experience a proper snowfall for the first time – fluttery, papery, ice-cold and delicious. For a moment it feels as if I’m inside a snow globe. Picture this: we’re trying to find a parking in the cordoned-off town centre, and a thirty-something (that would be me) leaps out of the passenger seat, pirouetting with joy. A driver honks the horn irritably. The flakes drift as if slow motion, sifted from the grey-white sky, ethereal and feather-light, carpeting the rooftops and ground. I scoot back into the car. Previous end-of-year trips to Europe were never quite able to produce the white winter wonderland. February, it turns out, is the ideal time to experience a fairy-tale winter, and by the looks of the ever-growing number of families lugging ski poles and toddling on ski shoes over the week, high season is approaching. The ski-resort town of Megève, made famous by the Rothschilds in the 1920s, sits in the shadow of Mont Blanc, and while I’ve been lured here to the slopes, it’s the promise of hearty French Alpine food that gets my heart racing. Après ski, I learn, is more than just a cold beer or the local vin chaud (warm mulled wine similar to gluhwein). Read Full Article. 


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