Graham Hughes – An Extraordinary Traveller

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Walking into the Record Books - Graham Hughes Adventurer and videographer Graham Hughes is the only person to have travelled to every known country without taking a single flight. Ishay Govender –Ypma caught up with him via Skype from his home in Panama What does it take to travel to every country in the world, [...]

A New Way for Blacks to Travel in Africa

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A new Way for Blacks to Travel in Africa - Group Tours are In Parties with locals on a luxe rooftop in Accra, a fashion show in Nairobi and a rap concert in Marrakesh, learning a traditional recipe from your friend’s grandmother in Dakar. Ishay Govender-Ypma looks at a new breed of group tours, a [...]

Southern African Routes Worth Taking – Panorama Route

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Head in the clouds - Panorama Route In need of a break and a change of scenery, Ishay Govender-Ypma and her husband packed the car and headed for the Panorama Route on a simple quest: explore, unwind and recharge. For Getaway Magazine, May 2015. It’s the gateway to Kruger, but the tumbling geography that plunges through [...]

What I Learned When I Gave Up Law to Travel the World

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I gave up Law to Travel the World The Road Less Travelled. For 20 Dec 2015 Strange things happen when you give up Law to travel and write a blog (, I discovered five years ago. Even stranger, when the blog wins a national award. A world not accessible to civilians, which is what you were before, cracks a [...]

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