Fragrant Slow Cooked Lamb Neck with Date and Almond Chutney

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Lamb neck is a tough and relatively inexpensive cut of meat, but is delicious when slow cooked in a stew or made as a filling for a pie. In this recipe, I slow roasted the necks with cardamom and saffron until tender and slightly sticky and served on soft polenta with a date and almond chutney.

Smokey Pan Grilled Kudu (Venison) in Pitas

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I was invited by Errieda du Toit, an experienced hand in the kitchen and new twitter friend to be part of a feature on her, by the Afrikaans television programme Pasella. We were tasked with cooking with venison and each chose something a little unusual, a bit of a challenge and at the same time spoke about our activity on twitter and how we experienced the social media medium.

Prawn Dhansak – a spicy taste of the Islands. Woolworths & MasterChef SA Week 13

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For this week's Woolworths MasterChef SA Spice Challenge, I delve into the wonders of Zanzibar the Spice Island and make a Parsi dish, a prawn dhansak. Freddie Mercury was born in Zanzibar and was Parsi- did you know? Dhansak uses a variety of spices, lentils and in this case mango and pineapple pulp and lime juice. Serve with a mango and pineapple salsa.

Ballotine of Chicken Breast, filled with Basil Pesto & Topped with Olive Tapenade and Bread Crumbs

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A ballotine is traditionally a deboned leg of chicken or duck, stuffed, tied and rolled and steamed, poached or baked. Nowadays chicken breast and various cuts of red meat are also used to make a ballotine - really a fancy way of saying a stuffed and rolled piece of meat. I stuffed chicken breasts with Mediterranean Delicacies basil pesto and topped with their Olive Tapenade and bread crumbs.

Squid Ink Mini Vermicelli with Seared Calamari, Fresh Tomato, Lemon & Chilli

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Squid or cuttlefish ink takes me to the Mediterranean and remind me of travels to Italy and Spain. I am always on the look-out for unusual or indigenous food items when we explore - sometimes repeat visits yield new items afresh each time. I picked up a box of fine short squid ink vermicelli in Andorra three weeks ago, and with careful packing it made the journey . more or less unscathed. I made this dish with it.

Sweet Chilli Chicken Pitas with Beetroot Slaw

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This bright and zingy chicken pita is the ideal meal for when you don't have time but need the nutrition. The raw julienned beetroot is a sweet take on red cabbage slaw. Personally one I prefer. Instead of mayonnaise, I've used low fat plain yoghurt. By all means use double cream or thick Greek yoghurt if you like.

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