Sweet Potato & Bran Rosti with Snoek Paté

*This recipe was developed for Sasko Flour, who approached me to find ways to use their products creatively. I agreed to this project as Sasko Flour products have been used in our house and my mother’s for so very many years. I’m pretty sure if you live in South Africa, you have a packet of cake flour or self raising flour from them too *

In this recipe I used the Sasko Flour Quick Treats Bran Muffin Mix in combination with grated sweet potatoes to make a rosti. I think this combination would also work well using peeled, mashed sweet potato with the mix to make a fat flap jack, also to be served with smooth, salty snoek or smoked snoek paté or even a thick dollop of creme fraiche. I served this with lemon zest which always adds such lovely lift to dishes sweet and savoury.

There are several methods to make rosti – pre-cooking works well in my kitchen. I know of some cooks who swear by frying a thin layer of raw potato combined with nothing more than salt and egg, and even those who make rosti with just seasoned potato.

Hope you enjoy this recipe!


2 cups (500 ml) grated sweet potato (washed, dried, skin on)

50 ml Sasko Quick Treats, Bran Muffin Mix

1/4 t fine salt

ground white pepper, to taste

1 large free range egg

2 T olive oil + 1 T butter —-plus extra

To serve: one tub snoek paté or creme fraiche with lemon zest.

Omit the snoek pate for a vegetarian option


Leave grated sweet potato in colander over a bowl to drain for 30 minutes. Press any water out.

Pre-heat oven on middle rack to 160˚C. Spray and cook a large baking tray and spread sweet potato over.

Bake for 15 min on fan-assist setting. Remove and allow to cool in a place where the steam can evaporate.

Add cooled grated sweet potato, Quick Treats Bran mix, salt, egg and pepper to a bowl and mix with a fork to combine.

Heat a teflon coated pan. Add olive oil and butter.

On medium-high heat, spoon mixture in flat disks, pressing with a spatula.

Allow to brown and turn, cooking other side.

Add more oil and butter to pan if needed.

Serve warm with snoek pate and lemon zest, if preferred.

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