What to Eat in Barcelona

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What to Eat in Barcelona - 5 Classic Catalan Dishes to Try  Want to know what to eat in Barcelona? Don't miss this guide to five iconic Catalan dishes to try while in the city and where to taste them. For Fine Dining Lovers, 11 September 2015. Barcelona Cathedral Catalonians, and those who have come [...]

La Boqueria Market, Barcelona – One of the Grandest Food Markets

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A tour through the stalls of the La Boqueria Market in Barcelona, arguably the best food market in Europe - what not to miss, when to go and the top tips on some of the tastiest tapas at the market. *Warning, image not suitable for sensitive readers*

In honour of a Cracking Blaugrana Victory!

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I'm both proud and pleasantly surprised that those witty, always ready with an insightful jibe guys at theoffside picked up this blog post and I may, in future be doing more Barca football / food posts for them. You can view the cracker post on their site (http://barcelona.theoffside.com/) here: http://barcelona.theoffside.com/barcelona/in-honour-of-a-cracking-blaugrana-victory.html#more-3750 Visca el Barca! In a [...]

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