Feasting on a Budget – Tips and Tricks from the Pros

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AFTER THE WHIRLWIND of the festive season, the guests are still fluttering in and out of your door and the kids are home from school, demanding treats. How do feed your family and visitors well on a budget, now and throughout the year? We spoke to four South African food personalities for advice: a chef and MasterChef judge, a cookbook author, an urban farmer and a television food stylist. Featured in Mango Juice Inflight Magazine, Jan 2013

Speculoos (Speculaas) Ice Cream with Crunchy Cookies

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I have, if you follow my instagram posts you will know, been on an ice cream making mission. It is summer. Have new machine, will experiment. Not every recipe has got my 100% approval. This one has - it is a Christmas ice cream for summer (lucky us in the southern hemisphere), smooth, rich and the addition of crumbled speculoos cookies with almonds adds a lovely dimension. You can crumble ginger cookies in.

Naan Khatai Biscuits for Diwali

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This traditional Indian biscuit is the one that is featured during Diwali and other celebrations. It is similar to a butter biscuit, but the semolina gives it a characteristic nutty crunch. It's preferable that you use ghee (clarified butter) but you may use butter if you can't find any. Cardamom fills the kitchen and infuses this biscuit with a gorgeous musky scent.

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