Lemony Smoked Haddock Chowder

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This hadock chowder is complemented with lemon zest, added close to the end of cooking. Smoked haddock and sweet corn kernels are such a lovely contrast. Serve with creme fraiche for extra indulgence. You needn't add the carrots but it adds colour, sweetness and bulks up the soup slightly. By all means use haddock that hasn't been smoked if you can't find it easily.

Angelfish Pasta in Champagne Cream Sauce with Chives – Woolworths & MasterChef SA Week 15

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Angelfish is inexpensive, on the SASSI green list and has the perfect delicate texture for pies and a pasta like this, where the Champagne cream sauce is the star. It's a fish I buy whenever I can. Using smoked angelfish in this recipe is sublime- I've made it to rave reviews. Now, please don't break open a bottle of your treasured expensive bubbles for this- local sparkling wine is perfect, but a rule that's worth following is, don't use it in your cooking if you won't drink it. Enjoy what you Don't use in the sauce with the meal.

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