Spicy Chicken Stir Fry with Golden Enoki Mushrooms and Fresh Papaya

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Showcasing an utterly beautiful golden enoki mushroom. Together with chicken, red chilli and pak choi I made a stir fry and added fresh papaya slices at the end - the smooth, cooling fruit added a fresh honey-sweetness that complimented the chilli. The dish is lightening quick to make but the combination of textures and flavours makes it feel a lot more complex. This stir fry is crunchy, spicy, nutty (from the enoki) and sweet.

Nando’s International Griller’s Challenge 2012

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Nando's is looking for one fan, or in serious grilled chicken speak, one FANDO to join the official judging team of the first Nando's International Griller's Challenge, where 40 of the top international grillers (the men and women who actually grill your fix of Nando's around the world) will be competing in the AFRICA AWAITS- 2012 International Grillers Challenge on the 23rd of September 2012 in Johannesburg - find out more here!

Ballotine of Chicken Breast, filled with Basil Pesto & Topped with Olive Tapenade and Bread Crumbs

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A ballotine is traditionally a deboned leg of chicken or duck, stuffed, tied and rolled and steamed, poached or baked. Nowadays chicken breast and various cuts of red meat are also used to make a ballotine - really a fancy way of saying a stuffed and rolled piece of meat. I stuffed chicken breasts with Mediterranean Delicacies basil pesto and topped with their Olive Tapenade and bread crumbs.

Sweet Chilli Chicken Pitas with Beetroot Slaw

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This bright and zingy chicken pita is the ideal meal for when you don't have time but need the nutrition. The raw julienned beetroot is a sweet take on red cabbage slaw. Personally one I prefer. Instead of mayonnaise, I've used low fat plain yoghurt. By all means use double cream or thick Greek yoghurt if you like.

Chicken Pie for the Hurried Cook

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Individual Chicken Pot Pies Serves 6 Last Thursday I dragged myself into the kitchen after a long and especially taxing day and stared at the puff pastry I left out in the stay-cool section of the fridge. And then I stared at the chicken breasts that I purchased earlier that day. Chicken and mushroom pie, [...]

Spicy Thai Noodles: 2 ways. Sing it!

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A stir fry and a Broth The beauty of this dish is two-fold: Each of the spices and condiments added can be adjusted, for example the chilli, ginger and soy sauce, to alter the flavour focus, and this can be transformed from a stir-fry, into a broth, with the addition of just water, a little [...]

Heritage Day 2010

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Heritage Day previously known as Shaka Day (and having spent my childhood in the Kingdom of the Zulu, this is a name I still think of fondly), and famously christened Braai Day was not a day of leisure in this house. So while South Africans across the nation were oiling the braai-stands, or batting eyelids for an invite to a braai [...]

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