Cherry in your sangria- love ice cubes

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Cherry in your sangria- love ice cubes berry sangria with raspberry rose ice cubes So, having survived a frenzied week of love and loving  (oh, do get those thoughts out of your dirty minds), of sweet treats and feed your lover foods, here's the simplest thing you can make to make your feelings known. [...]

Berry & Rose Iced Tea -Cape Heat Survival guide

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Berry & Rose Iced Tea get your tea in a row As predicted in my post yesterday- the weather in Cape Town has not abated. Die hard environmentalists have shelved their eco- friendly selves in the deep freezer and have cranked up the air-conditioners. Here's a delicious variation on my Apple Iced Tea, inspired by [...]

North African Odyssey

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From previous posts you can tell that I draw much inspiration for my cooking from North Africa- Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco in particular. I mentioned that we really enjoyed Morocco, and that even prior to this, I was intrigued with fiery harissa paste (Tunisian origin), couscous as an alternative starch, refreshing sweet mint tea and the earthy warmth of cumin, [...]

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