Banting Banter – Where’s the Bread

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Banting Banter     An introduction to Banting: Is there room for bread? Banting and the Tim Noakes diet have been the talk of almost every dinner party and social gathering I’ve attended in the last few months. A number of friends and Twitter followers have confirmed that this has been their experience too. Many [...]

Fresh Spring Rolls (Crystal Spring Rolls)

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Fresh Spring Rolls (Crystal Spring Rolls) - called Goi Cuon in Vietnam or Nime Chao in Cambodia. Recipe developed for City Press iMag

Deep-Fried Green Bananas with Green Chilli & Tamarind Dipping Sauce

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When I was a child living in KwaZulu Natal, spicy battered deep-fried green bananas, or plantain when we could get it, was a delicacy we loved even more than fried chips. Here's a recipe for this dish served with a green chilli tamarind dipping sauce.

Citrus Almond Cake with Whipped Citrus Curd

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A Citrus Almond Cake made with almond flour and delightfully gluten free. Served with citrus curd whipped with fresh cream. This recipe was developed for ClemenGold.

Raspberry & Lemon Semifreddo – Woolworths and MasterChef SA Week 8

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An easy but indulgent semifreddo. I love this semifreddo because of the unexpected, refreshing scent of lemon and and the freshness of the zest. It goes surprisingly well with rasberries and is creamy and satisfying.